Private Fitness Trainer at Home? Need a Personal Trainer at Home in London?

Personal Trainer At Home

Do you need a Personal Trainer who travels to your home or office? Marc offers his full range of personal training services to clients at their home.  Are you:

  • Unable to attend the gym or just too busy
  • Prefer training in the comfort of your home
  • Want privacy whilst training
  • Need a personal trainer at short notice
  • Need a personal trainer at home due to ad hoc schedule
  • Want more convenience 

Marc trains many clients including celebrities, high profile individuals and many other people who want to train in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  Imagine how it would be if you could have the convenience and privacy of training at home. To find out more please call 02081230808 or email for more information.

Personal Trainer Who Travels

Do you need a Personal Trainer who travels with you to your overseas destinations and travel engagements? Marc offers his full range of personal training services to clients who travel overseas.  In the past, Marc has accompanied many high profile individuals and celebrities during their work trips abroad.  Marc is professional, discrete and ensures that clients stay on track with their fitness and health goals no matter what else is going on. 

To find out more please call 02081230808 or email for more information.

Personal Training sessions at home are productive, fun and progress at a pace that is challenging yet rewarding.  Here is what you can expect:

  1. A telephone conversation to discuss your requirements
  2. A fitness assessment to include a full consultation to elicit your health and fitness goals
  3. Personal training sessions at home to specifically meet your goals
  4. Online booking system to manage your appointments with ease
  5. Fitness progress consultations with evaluation of success

The number of sessions vary depending on fitness goals and requirements.  Clients who want Personal Training at home typically see Marc between 1-6 times a week.  Clients who want Marc to accompany them on travel abroad usually enjoy between 6-8 sessions per week.  

Marc Dressen – MSc CPT AMAC

Private Personal Trainer Marc Dressen trains busy celebrities, ultra high net worth individuals (UHNI), c-level executives, high profile families and VIPs at their private residences or abroad. In addition Marc has a base as a personal trainer in potsdam and berlin too. Over the past 17 years, Marc has helped thousands of people to reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals. He is regularly featured in the media and sought after through personal recommendations from around the world. Marc has accompanied many actors, singers and business owners during their business and work trips abroad.

private personal trainer london and fitness expert in london baker street marc dressen mens health mag

This is the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes! R.G UK 

It’s not everyday that you meet a person who both inspires you to be your best physical self but your best emotional self as well. Marc Dressen is this person. Grounded with such integrity, years of knowledge and heart, his training sessions become more than just tactics and tools – they become actual teachings! And those teachings are filed with joy and they are also filled with results! This is the magic of Marc. Hands down Marc is the trainer in this age of body and mind integration and transformation. Thank you Marc! C.S NY

Marc is also intelligent & personable so understands people are all different & therefore treats you as an individual rather than trying to get you to fit his “mold” – this from my experience is pretty rare in the fitness world! Thanks Marc!! R.O UK

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