Marc Dressen Personal Training in London boasts a high end feature packed environment where you can develop your body as well as your mind.

We pride ourselves at offering you sophisticated fitness based services ranging from personalised workout programmes, custom made nutrition plans which include a cleverly arranged food delivery system, and not to mention highly specialised solutions for the most unique fitness requirements.

Of course all of this is well supported by the supreme advantage of good old fashioned one-on-one personal training philosophy.

Our clients know exactly what to expect when they sign up with us, and can’t help coming back for more. They know from close interaction with our Head Personal Trainer – Mr Marc Dressen, that we are continually driven by the passion to deliver arguably the best fitness and lifestyle changing experience they can afford.

We know how hard it is to juggle between the demands of work, getting the kids schooled, getting them fed, and getting them in bed on time. Yet you still don’t get to spend nearly enough quality time with them. When’s the last time you ran around the backyard kicking a soccer ball with the little one?

“I think I have everything I want in life, except the discipline to eat right and exercise regularly.“
“I’m so exhausted after a long day at the office, where’s the time or the energy to exercise?“
“How can I possibly still eat healthy and get physically fit with all the work I have to do?“
“What the point of following a healthy diet when my friends always mess it up for me?“
“I know what it takes to get into shape, but I seriously dread going the gym.“
“My back hurts, my knees hate me, and I’m so heavy I can’t stand it!“
“I feel weak, sick, lethargic and burnt out.“
“I still have to see to the kids…“

Sound familiar? We know what it’s like. Plus as you age it also becomes more challenging to stay in decent shape, and trying to melt away that belly seems a futile cause. You may even have serious health concerns creeping up on you as we speak. You’re stressed out, and your body feels like it just came crashing through the wall.

There’s hope yet and we feel your pain.

It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Anthony Robbins

We strive to make the process of reaching your physical peak and enhancing your health – one of adoption rather than implementation. Your training has to be first and foremost something you really love and genuinely enjoy doing. At the same time it needs to be challenging enough to be able to render you the results your heart desires.

But this is barely scratching the surface of ‚Why‚ we believe you should seriously consider joining us. In addition to the most positive, nurturing and enjoyable fitness experience you are ever likely to encounter, we also place heavy emphasis on how unique you really are. Our singular goal is doing everything in our power to help you reach your maximum personal potential.

Emphasis on the word “Personal“. This is all about You!

Therefore we never compromise when getting to know our clients personally and almost intimately. Only by truly understanding who you really are can we play that definitive role in guiding you to success. That’s why after performing in-depth interviews and assessments, we expose you to the full spectrum of holistic training options we have to offer. These include and are not limited to:

  • Detailed analysis of your specific fitness needs
  • Intelligent strength training and conditioning
  • Hypertrophy or as we like to call it – building real muscle the right way
  • Weight loss, slimming, toning, and chiseling out a leaner more flexible body
  • Weight management counseling and support for specific medical conditions
  • Advanced nutritional support coupled with a smart food delivery system
  • Martial arts conditioning and expert training in Taekwondo
  • Rehabilitating injuries and safe specialized sports training
  • An all inclusive fitness, health and lifestyle experience second to none
  • Results, results, results, and the list does certainly goes on.

Every client enjoys tremendous ongoing support, continued education, expert advice, and powerfully sincere motivation that actually gets you into the groove.

Hardly Possible“ suddenly became “Highly Probable“!

We keep a watchful eye on the changes taking place in your body, your fluctuating dietary needs as you progress, and monitor how much rest you’re getting. Then we gradually advance you along the path of getting stronger, faster, leaner, smarter and more flexible.

With us – You never have to feel alone again.

This is the road you have been yearning to tread for so long, and we have your back every step of the way. Your chances of success just went through the roof, with the hottest personal trainer in London batting on your team.


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I just wanted to say many thanks for your personal training work with me, motivation and encouragement to reach my targets. This is the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes!

Rebecca G.

Long overdue thank you to Marc. Thanks for all the support, training, motivation and guidance. Friday mornings without the 60 min ‚torture‘ just won’t be the same. See you at #ToughMudder2016‬, if not sooner!

Tarun C.

Spending the past 5 months on the 12weekATHLETE has been an incredible process of mental and physical development, very glad to have had your guidance. I would say, to someone who wants to, or is just thinking about buying the program, don’t think twice. You will lose the weight. You will gain the muscle all-natural. And you will see the difference. So don’t think twice. Don’t be stupid. Go for it. Thank you Marc the person, the trainer for helping me achieving where I am now „gut gemacht“ ?

Saeed A.
joyce osborn personal training in london review

I have always had a phobia about Gyms and thought that they were not the place for me. When I finally decided that I should start (all be it late in my life) to do some exercise I took on Marc as my personal trainer. He has made me feel comfortable in the Gym and I feel he has helped to change the shape of my body where diet alone would not. The help and advice I get from Marc is excellent and I feel I have gained not only a healthier body but a friend as well. I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel that Marc carefully designs the routine to suit the person’s abilities and requirements.

Joyce O.
kirsty j personal training london testimonial

Marc is a very experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. Training with him is rewarding and you get results. He strikes the balance of pushing you hard whilst keeping it varied and entertaining. He’s never short of new and different exercises to keep it fun. Whatever you want to achieve he can help you get there.

Marc is also very professional, always reliable and punctual and his digital booking and reminder system is a great tool so ensure you never forget a session!

Kirsty J.

Marc Dressen Personal Training